About Us

Welcome to Mekong Lao and Thai Cuisine
The river Mekong flows along the border between Laos and Thailand and is a vital resource for both countries. Whether it’s fishing, fresh water for agriculture, or as a transportation highway for goods and services, the Mekong has been an important part of the life of both the Lao and Thai people throughout history. Just as the Mekong is a powerful symbol for both the peoples of Laos and Thailand, it became our symbol to represent our cooking style when we chose to name our restaurant Mekong Lao and Thai Cuisine. We first opened our doors in March of 2015, and starting with the very first customer we’ve worked hard to serve the real taste of Lao and Thai food in our restaurant. Our chefs are Lao and Thai themselves, so you can be sure that our dishes are as authentic as any served in their homeland. Be sure to come by and experience all the bold Asian flavors we work so hard to replicate, we know you won’t be disappointed! We don’t take shortcuts, we take pride in preparing our dishes using only the freshest ingredients, which is often more costly and time consuming, but we’re sure you will agree it’s worth it! Fast food is not our goal! You don’t have to go all the way to the motherland to experience the best Lao and Thai dishes, we will be happy to prepare them right here in San Diego.